Types of Mini Light Strands


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Types of Mini Light Strands

Nothing marks the beginning of the holidays quite like untangling dozens of light strands. Among the knot of lights you’ll find some of the classics – warm white bulbs, maybe some multicolor strands. And you’re likely to wonder: What are the kinds of mini lights? 

We offer dozens of colors, sizes, and styles of light strands. In the video below, we highlight four of our different kinds of mini lights.

5mm Multicolor Mini Lights

This is our most popular type of mini lights. 5mm mini light strands are what you typically see in Christmas trees, artificial wreaths, garland, and other Christmas foliage. They’re also often used for deciduous tree lighting. We featured our multicolor minis in the video above, but we also offer classic warm white and cool white options, as well as any fun or festive color you could need. With their classic style and compact shape, you really can’t go wrong with 5mm mini lights. 

Firefly Lights

Our Firefly mini light strands are another of our favorites. These strands use the same 5mm bulbs as the multicolor mini lights, with a few differences that really make them stand apart from the crowd. Each of these bulbs slowly fades in and out at random, mimicking a tree filled with fireflies – hence their name. They also have much larger spacing, meaning the bulbs are farther apart from each other than typical mini light strands. This allows for a more natural look when used in year-round tree lighting applications. But the most subtle and important difference between these and our classic 5mm mini lights is that our firefly lights have a frosted lens. This disperses the light in an even glow which accentuates their firefly effect.

Faceted M6 Mini Lights

We love our M6 mini lights because they have all the wonder of incandescent bulbs with none of the worries. They don’t get hot, don’t burn out. But their elegant shape brings back memories of lighting the family tree. Pair these M6 lights with strings of popcorn or incorporate them into elegant trees with unique ornaments and ribbon. Either way these lights evoke all those warm holiday feelings that will bring your guests back for more.

G12 Mini Lights

Our G12 mini lights are one of our more unique types of string lights. Available in warm white, cool white, and faceted variations, these tiny round light bulbs are adorable, let’s be honest. But they’re also great for evoking a warm and inviting feel to your commercial holiday decorations. It’s like you’re hosting a family Christmas brunch except there are hundreds of people and everyone is a stranger. The more the merrier, right?


Whatever mini lights you choose, they’re here to make your season bright. Shop our entire mini light collection.

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