Let Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in Your Storefront


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Let Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in Your Storefront

Imagine luminous snowflakes orbiting on the walls of your property. Or perhaps you would rather envision Santa flying on his sleigh, powered by reindeer, of course. Regardless of which scene you prefer, both are possible with the help of an Image Projection System (IPS).

Image Projection System

An Image Projection System is a sophisticated LED projector that illuminates large surfaces and brings them to life. It uses specific mounting, rain shield, and other installation options to move and rotate on various surfaces. To create the imagery, we use gobos. Gobos are stencils, or templates, that go in front of the light source to control the shape of the emitted light.

There are a variety of places, both inside and outdoors, where you can mount your IPS. Trees and commercial street lamps are two popular outdoor locations, as many people like to project their designs on walls, sidewalks, rooftops, and streets. You can even adjust the speed of your rotation.

Dekra-Lite offers a variety of designs, but you can also customize your gobo. Many clients use their logo or another brand identifier in their design.

Interested in Learning More About Image Projection Systems?

Image Projection Systems are an innovative and inexpensive way to make an area more festive. Because you can use them for various occasions, they are also an excellent investment. To learn more about Image Projection Systems, please feel free to contact us. Our design experts would love to help!

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