Our Favorite Projects


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Our Favorite Projects

We’ve worked on some pretty amazing projects in our 37 years. 

As we prep for this season, we asked our team to reflect on some of their favorite jobs thus far. Some are old, some are new, some didn’t even make it to market. But they all have one thing in common: each of these projects allowed our team to be creative and make something truly special for our clients.

(Read to the end for a gallery of honorable mentions!)

City street line with three gold lit Starburst Arches on each side.
Close up of Starburst Arch.
Three Starburst Arches on one side of the city line.

My favorite and the most memorable project that I worked on was creating the custom Scepters and Starbursts for South Coast Plaza. I think the reason that I like this project the most is because I was involved in every step of the process. That year I wore all kinds of hats. It all started when fabricating the samples and presenting those to the SCP Management group. Then ordering all the materials for the project, helping with the actual fabrication of the product (I even did some welding and grinding), and helping paint the pieces. After that I worked with my Production Team on making the jigs for the lights to fit on every section of Scepters and on each Star Point – that was its own challenge. Then we had to come up with the best way to connect everything and create installation wiring instructions. When I thought I was done, I was the repair and troubleshoot go-to person so I started almost every day at South Coast Plaza to do some type of repair. I am not going to lie, it was very trying but worth it all the way since we delivered a great product.

Luis Antonio

Production Supervisor 

Mexicos national bird converted into a pole mount.
Plaza Mexico palm trees with the Crested Caracara as a pole mount.
Pechanga Resort Casino with cool white decor of trees and snowflakes.
Pechanga Resort Casino with warm white decor.

My favorite project is difficult to choose because I’ve enjoyed a lot of them. I really liked working with Dulce Diaz on the giant eagle pole mounts for Plaza Mexico since I could utilize a bit of my drawing background. For Christmas décor, however, my favorite would probably have to be Pechanga Resort Casino. For Pechanga, we pitched them two different packages – a cool white package and a warm white package. I liked seeing each package come together, and the effect the included products would make when combined. I worked with Nicole Santarelli on this project, and that was a joy in itself. I also liked the creative flexibility that was allowed. I always appreciate any project that lets me take some of the reins in creativity, because I think that’s when I do my best work.

Katy Fieling

Graphic Designer 

Custom Beverly Hills Walk-Through Tree
Custom Ballymena Ornament with large ornaments and garland wrap.
Walk-Through Tree unlit, during the day.
Ballymena Ornament unlit, during the day.

I have so many projects I’ve loved working on. But if I had to pick one, I’d go with Beverly Cañon Gardens. The whole program is bespoke and designer, and I like the very European dynamic about this year’s décor with the cool white and warm white lights. If you look at trends, 10 years ago in America combining warm and cool white was a faux pas. This year, people were enamored by it. Watching the customers at the businesses and cafes surrounding the park interacting with all of the décor was so refreshing. The Ballymena Ornament was really cool and as we were installing it people were looking at it, asking questions, and getting excited for the holidays. The city’s team was really happy with how the program turned out, as well. It’s a small project but it’s a cohesive project and I think it speaks leaps and bounds about the classiness of Beverly Hills in that particular area.

Nicole Santarelli

Account Executive 

Honorable Mentions

City of Beverly Hills Skyline Displays 
Reindeer Skyline flying into the night with presents.
Warm White Skyline decor with ornaments as well.
SeaWorld San Diego Custom Ornamentation
Custom giant tree at Sea World.
Close up of tree showing its ornaments, lights, and customs ornament fish!
Outlets at San Clemente Tree Base and Décor Elements
Giant Fiberglass Ornament Stacks
Custom giant tree for Outlets at San Clemente

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