Top 5: Our Team's Favorite Products


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Top 5: Our Team's Favorite Products

With over 900 products in our repertoire, it can be hard to decide which ones to add to your property.  

That’s why we’re here.

We’ve compiled 5 of our team members’ favorite products and use cases so you can get the most magic for the least amount of work. 

Walk-Through Tree & Kilkenny the Santa Bear

I love the Walk-Through Tree because it gives very majestic and magical vibes. Especially when used in front of entrances or walkways, because it creates excitement and anticipation for guests heading in the next room. And Kilkenny. He’s so sweet and approachable and really creates that memorable holiday experience you want to share with loved ones. I think Kilkenny would look great leading people to a property or a giant water feature. I imagine Kilkenny at Niagara Falls.

Lesley Gilliam

Inside Sales Executive 

Regal Walk-Through Ornament

My personal favorite product is the Regal Walk-Through Ornament. I think this is the most versatile of our high-end décor pieces because you can use it for holiday photo ops and remove the cap for different events and seasons. The best placement for the ornament is in front of entrances to catch your guests’ attention first thing. It's a warm welcome to the holidays and to greet everyone arriving at your beautiful property. 

Kelly Hayden

Account Executive 

Light Curtains & Canopies
A shopping mall window display decorated with twinkling light curtains
A wreath decorated with holly leaf ornaments in front of a light canopy

My favorite products are our light curtains and canopies. I love the twinkling lights and how they can transform a window or a walkway. My favorite light canopy is at South Coast Plaza, because this canopy reflects off the metal ceiling above which gives it a dancing design.

Alicia Gonzalez

Sales Manager 

Sequoia Trees & Custom Tree Risers

I love most of our décor options, but my favorite is our Sequoia Trees. They look best with a nice graphic riser and near water or inside a water fountain. Why? Because a large tree will always call for attention.

Jorge Sanchez

Production Manager

Giant Christmas tree with red and white ornaments  on a tree riser base with custom graphics
Crystal Branch Trees

My favorite product is our Crystal Branch Tree. When they’re placed near water features, these trees give winter wonderland vibes so they’re perfect for celebrations that are more about winter than just Christmas. My favorite program with these trees is the Long Beach Convention Center.

Christian Rojas


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