Refurb Is the Word


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Refurb Is the Word

Dekra-Lite’s turnkey Christmas services ensure your products get their beauty sleep between seasons. 

But how is it that we take your products, store them for 10 months, and return them in better shape than ever next Christmas? With an iconic refurbishment team! Our prep squad spends the off-season cleaning, repairing, or replacing our customers’ décor until everything is as good as new — or better! 

Some of our turnkey clients choose to store their own décor and that’s cool with us! To refurbish these clients’ products, we need to get the décor to our SoCal warehouse with plenty of time to complete touch-ups, add enhancements, and return the decorations for installation. 

For customers who handle their own installation and those who prefer not to send their décor to us each year, there are still plenty of options to keep their decorations fresh for seasons to come. 

In the past, our team has traveled to customers’ properties to assess the state of their decorations, then compiled and shipped back refurbishment kits for their team to make any necessary fixes. We’ve also worked with clients who prefer to refurbish their own products, so we’ve taught them how to do so! 

No matter who’s fixing up your products in the off-season, refurbishment is a crucial step in maintaining your commercial Christmas décor. 

Here’s how.

Once your products are out of storage, start working in segments. The most important step is assessment: what needs to be fixed and what’s the best way to make it happen? Our goal is to get every tree, wreath, and decoration up to our standards because we aren’t happy with the décor until we’re positive you’ll be happy with the décor.

Step one: lighting. Whether wreaths, trees, foliage, or perimeter lighting, plug in every strand and check every bulb and shingle tab. If your lights are looking dim or have gone completely out, replace the damaged strands with bright, shiny, and identical counterparts. (We even have example strands plugged in so our refurbishers can compare old strands to bright and shiny new ones!) 

Step two: holiday banners. You can’t hang up Christmas signage with wear and tear from last season! Wash off every banner and mend any unraveled seams to keep your banners bright and shiny for the coming holidays.

Step three: ornaments. Our thorough quality controllers check every last ornament for fading, scratches, dents, dust, and any other potential damages. If you’re completing your own refurbishment, we recommend you do the same.

Some ornaments only require quick polishing while others need to be completely replaced. Whatever repair is necessary, our prep squad will make the change or send out any ornamentation you need to do so!

Step four: foliage. We refurbish some pretty big trees — up to 76’ tall to be exact — so our team works row-by-row in order to inspect each branch. Working row-by-row ensures you’ll catch any wonky pieces you wouldn’t notice from afar. Most branches just need a little bit of fluffing and TLC. For any branches we can’t recover, we’ll replace or refurbish everything under warranty and call your team with recommendations to replace those out of warranty. If you come across pieces that need replacing, call our team to get your foliage back on its feet (or frame).

Step five: props. Dekra-Lite props come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” fix for these decorations. Paint touch-ups, buffing, filling and fixing cracked elements, resecuring lifted or detached mesh — we do it all. Our team can virtually advise repairs for damages you aren’t sure how to fix, just give us a call or send an email explaining your predicament.

For in-house refurbishments, every improvement, touch-up, and replacement is documented for our records and yours. Once your decorations are looking as good as new, we pack them up meticulously to maintain their enhancements until the coming Christmas season. Our refurbishment team labels every newly packed element for quick and easy unpacking during your installation. 

When your décor is unpacked at your property, your foliage will just need some fluffing for a perfect presentation. 

No matter your refurbishment preferences, we’re here to provide great customer service that meets your specific needs. Our team won’t rest until every flitter, bow, and piece of glitter is the perfect picture of Christmas cheer!

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