Setting the Standard: How Dekra-Lite Exceeds Safety Regulations


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Setting the Standard: How Dekra-Lite Exceeds Safety Regulations

The hardest part of decking the halls is avoiding decorating disasters.

That’s why the Dekra-Lite team and our products have to meet various safety standards. From product creation to on-site implementation, we’re dedicated to providing the safest products and services in the commercial Christmas decorating industry. But what do each of our industry standards signify? From lighting safeguards to weatherproofing regulations, here are Dekra-Lite’s top six safety standards and what they mean for your display.

UL Certified    

Underwriter Laboratories regulates product safety requirements. While products don’t legally require a UL stamp of approval to be sold in the U.S., the independent certification company is largely seen as the authority of product safety across the country. 

Not all UL Certifications are made equally, and it’s important to distinguish whether a product is UL Listed, Classified, or Recognized.

UL Listing is for ready-to-sell products. UL tests standalone products for safety, sustainability, and longevity under normal wear and tear. The UL Classified mark is for products that have been tested for specific hazards or use under certain conditions. To be UL Recognized means that certain parts of a mechanism are deemed safe, but the finished product has not been UL Certified.

Dekra-Lite’s products encompass each of these standards. While certain products like our RGB Light Sphere Transformers are tested to meet UL Listing standards, others like our Sequoia Trees contain UL-approved components.

CE Certified 

The Conformitè Europëenne measures health, safety, and environmental standards set by the European Union. CE’s safety standards are similar to UL’s, but are specific to products sold in the EU.

Some of Dekra-Lite’s product lines are CE Certified thanks to our partner Globall Concept. Since Globall Concept is based in Belgium, and sells to buyers all across the globe, the company’s products need to meet safety standards for all of its clientele.

Dekra-Lite’s products that include CE-approved components include our Giant Inflatables and Waterloo Collections.

CSA Approved 

The Canadian Standards Association Group regulates product safety, performance, and energy efficiency. The CSA mark is accepted all across North America.

Dekra-Lite carries CSA-approved lights for our cold weather customers and holiday displays. These lights have thicker coated wire to withstand cold and harsh weather conditions like freezing rain, sleet, and snow.

IEC and NEC Standards 

The International Electrotechnical Commission publishes safety and energy standards for electrical and electronic technology. The National Electrical Code is a set of safety regulations created by the National Fire Protection Association to reduce electrical risks in the U.S. 

When it comes to Dekra-Lite’s product line, these sets of standards apply primarily to lighting. Most of the light displays we construct are seasonal (lasting roughly 90 days) and utilize Class 2 transformers so you can rest assured knowing they’re designed with safety in mind.

IP Rated

Ingress Protection Ratings identify a product’s resistance to intrusions of solid objects and moisture. Each IP rating consists of two numbers, the first signifying dust protection and the second, water protection.

Dekra-Lite carries a variety of products with IP-Rated connectors. Our DL Pro 5 mm Mini Lights have IP44 connectors and our Low-Voltage Sequoia Trees have IP65 connectors to ensure a water-resistant display.

RSE Approved

Because our team is always striving to produce the safest products and technology in our industry, we’ve prioritized having our products approved by Registered Structural Engineers. 

This means we’ve contracted RSEs to examine our finished products and ensure they are safe, sturdy, and built to withstand the season. Our team has even consulted RSEs during the design process and custom built our products to their safety specifications.

Since we’re based in Southern California — home to earthquakes and Santa Ana winds — we went one step further. We wanted to be certain that our Sequoia Trees could withstand the test of time (and potential earthquakes) so we engineered an RSE-approved ballast for our Sequoias. This counterweight ensures safe displays in our local installations.

Every site is different, so we suggest contacting a local engineer to advise your specific location and installation. The Dekra-Lite team is also happy to consult based on our experience.

That’s a lot of safety measures. We ensure the products in your program are safe, but installation is the icing on the cake. If you install your tree on wet or uneven ground, you could be compromising its structural integrity. Give us a call to make sure your set-up is safe, secure, and going to last all season long!

Whether you need installation advice or want our crew to set up your whole display for you, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you through every step of your holiday display.

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