Tricks of the Trade: Five Ways To Decorate Small Spaces


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Tricks of the Trade: Five Ways To Decorate Small Spaces

Cramped spaces cramping your Christmas style?

We carry all types of commercial Christmas decorations — big and small! From classic Christmas embellishments to creative décor configurations, we have everything you need to keep your small spaces looking spiffy all season.

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics not only add visual interest to your display, but bring awareness to your brand and holiday messaging, too! 

Guide your customers through your property with festive floor graphics. Create a frosty appearance in your window display with snowy decals. Or design a completely one-of-a-kind backdrop for your holiday selfie station.

Whether you need holiday branding or just a few touches of Christmas cheer, custom graphics are the way to go.


Just because you’re tight on space doesn’t mean you can’t still have a Christmas tree! Our Natural and snow-covered Flat Trees have an 18” profile, perfect for accenting window displays and lining walls and building facades. 

Sprays and garlands are a great way to incorporate your holiday theme in tight corners. Decorate these smaller foliage options to match your giant Christmas tree, then place them in your overhead spaces and doorways for a classic and cohesive display. 


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to decorate on a small scale. Try using the same ornaments and embellishments from your Christmas tree and other foliage in unique places! 

Ornaments of various colors and sizes look great clustered together in baskets and glass vases. Bows are an economical and space-conscious way to brighten up dull door frames, columns, and walkways. 

If you’re looking to go all out, transform your tiny space into a mini winter wonderland! Our Reusable Snow Blanket makes the perfect canvas for wintry scenes. Plus, Polyester and Iridescent Scatter Flakes add a realistic snowy appearance while giving you ample room for more festive decor. Hang Snow-Dusted Icicles in your overhead space, scatter ornaments throughout the snow, fill your winter scene with Pixie Elves, and voila — Christmas magic that could fit in a crawl space!

Selfie Stations

Leverage undecorated corners and building facades to create Instagrammable photo ops for your guests!

From tall-yet-slim candy canes to short and stout ornament chairs, there are plenty of ways to cater your picturesque scene to your property’s available space. Acrylic Penguins are notorious for being photogenic and with a custom wintry backdrop, who could resist the chance to snap a photo?

If you prefer traditional holiday photo opportunities, our Christmas Countdown, Nylon Gift Boxes, and Snow-Capped Trees create a classic scene for a family photo session.

Lighting and Lit Décor

It wouldn’t be Christmas without lights! Lucky for you, traditional Christmas lights take up minimal space and are cost effective. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more showy than classic mini lights, RGB lights elevate your ambience without adding clutter. Plus, our RGB collection includes props of varying sizes and shapes from snowflakes to light tubes to tie together your color-changing theme.

Lighting is also a great way to decorate building facades. Our Image Projection System displays moving imagery of your choice on whatever surface you direct it toward. Color Washers are another great way to illuminate your plain walls or bring a colorful twist to your display!  

For more traditional programs, peruse our Specialty Lighting options for those spaces that need just a little extra vibrance. 

Then, there’s Lit Décor

Snowfall Lights, Illuminated Chandeliers, Ropelight Snowflakes — each brilliant in their own way and each flat enough to line any wall space. 

Evoke holiday nostalgia with the Aberdeen collection, including bows, gift boxes, ornaments, and candy canes full of red and warm white lights. 

For a more modern look, pair the Waterloo 2D rings, stars, deer, and Tolga Ornaments with the Tacoma Illuminated Tree. These elements’ warm white lights will bring a wholesome holiday feel to any flat space — literally. 

We’ve laid out all of our favorite small-scale and economical décor options. Now all that’s left to do is to get started!

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, leave your holiday decorating to the Christmas specialists. We’ll make sure all of your spaces are covered in Christmas spirit. 

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