The World Looks Back with Holiday Window Displays


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The World Looks Back with Holiday Window Displays

Walking on a beautiful day, your senses feasting on festive sights and sounds, perhaps hand-in-hand with a loved one, and you must stop. You’ve passed a window, but it’s no ordinary window, because it’s been transformed into an impossibly imaginative decorative display. You can’t stop looking, you just have to go inside to see what mysteries await.

Holiday window displays are an essential tradition that cannot be overlooked. “Window shopping” –  walking in and out of stores and large commercial centers is a holiday pastime for many people. As such, effectively utilizing window space real estate is key to giving people important information, setting the festive mood, or enticing them into a store or restaurant. That’s why Dekra-Lite takes pride in their creative and diverse holiday window displays.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for your holiday window displays:

Our single and double-vinyl window banner sets are a beautiful and professional way to create visual interest and communicate your message with minimal investment! All of our stock banner designs are on 13-19 oz. matte or glossy vinyl, and are backed with our 3-year-no-fade warranty.

We have graphics for all holidays from Christmas to Chinese New Year, as well as non-holiday-specific options.

Our Neon Flexible Lighting allows you to make iridescent glowing shapes and words in your windows to attract and inform. Choose from different colors from cool white to red, orange, pink, and more. We also have geometrically gorgeous neon flexible light snowflakes, that emit a vivid bright light.

Graphic cutouts, found in this catalog, are a unique and customized way to grab attention anytime of the year. From life-size real Olympians to Halloween-happy creatures, our cutouts got you covered.

A Christmas tree is a great place to start when creating a window display. It draws people’s attention, and there are so many different ways that a tree can be decorated. There are many options like what color lights to choose, ornaments, garland, a tree topper – even down to what type of tree.

A crucial tip: when designing your displays, make sure to have a cohesive design that matches colors and themes without being too crazy or messy. You want décor diversity and thematic unity all at the same time. 

A window is not just a way for people to peer in and out, but an opportunity for imagination to come alive and look back at you. This holiday season, let the whole world of windows smile back!

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