Light Curtains: Your Luxury Lighting Solution


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Light Curtains: Your Luxury Lighting Solution

Don’t leave your windows empty this season.

Add drama and glamour with light curtains.

Light curtains are the perfect luxury lighting solution for your overhead spaces, windows, and photo backdrops. These steady-burn or shimmering light curtains range from 7’-50’ long, so they’re suitable for nearly all locations and applications. 

The number one question we get about our LED light curtains is “how wide are they?”

Well, technically, they aren’t. Each light curtain purchase includes 24 individual light strands which plug in to our multi-outlet bar to create a curtain effect.

How to Install Light Curtains

Diagram showing how to install light curtains

Add these twinkling lights throughout your mall or complex to continue the holiday spirit; transform an empty wall that would previously go unnoticed into a glowing backdrop that will be sure to inspire photos and delight. You can also enhance the light curtains with large 2D décor pieces or hang finial ornaments throughout.

And they aren’t just for the holidays. This versatile product can also be used for formal occasions to add that perfect elegant glow. Or, maybe you want to make a special sale or event feel more special? LED light curtains are a great way to do this!

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