Tricks of the Trade: Fixing Damaged Décor as Quickly as Possible


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Tricks of the Trade: Fixing Damaged Décor as Quickly as Possible

It’s Friday, 5:01 p.m. 

You’re leaving the office and heading to the parking lot. 

As you leave the week behind, you get in your car and turn up the tunes. 

With your vision focused on the weekend, you drive right past your Christmas display without noticing your lighting is completely dim. 

The weekend passes, Monday comes, and you notice the dull bulbs. When you pull into work Tuesday morning, you remember to call Dekra-Lite to address the outage. By the time our maintenance team arrives Wednesday to resolve the issue, your property has been poorly lit for six days.

Christmastime is here again and with the joy of the season comes a slew of holiday stressors. Dekra-Lite sends out team members to make regular rounds at our local commercial Christmas displays to keep an eye out for outages. But if your property isn’t part of our locale, or something goes amuck after our team’s rounds, it’s crucial to address any decoration malfunctions quickly to keep the Christmas spirit flowing! 

Here are Dekra-Lite’s top four tips for quick holiday fixes:

  1. Make Regular Rounds

When you drive in to work in the morning (or just before you leave for home) take a quick drive or walk around the property. By making daily rounds, you increase your chance of catching problems as soon as they happen. If you have on-site maintenance staff or security guards, ask them to stay on the lookout for late night outages, too. This will help you identify, address, and resolve potential issues as quickly as possible.

  1. Check the Little Things

If a problem does arise, don’t stress — only Santa’s allowed to cry over spilled milk, after all. There are plenty of reasons outdoor Christmas tree lights fail, most of which are simpler than you might think. Before you deem your setback to be a full-blown disaster, make sure to check for:

  • GFI outlet shortages
  • Unplugged light strands
  • Cut electrical cords
  • Popped circuit breakers

  1. Handle the easy fixes

After identifying the source of your problem, you’ll know whether you can fix it yourself or should call for help. For the easy fixes — like the aforementioned unplugged light strand — feel free to take the lead on solving them. 

Think about it, your whole team could deem you the genius who saved Christmas! (Dekra-Lite can not be held responsible if your team does not, in fact, deem you the genius who saved Christmas.)

  1. Call us for the complex issues

If your holiday hang-up doesn’t involve simple electrical fixes, make a maintenance request. We’ll send out our maintenance team to repair any malfunctioning elements. Certain damaged décor including ornaments, fiberglass props, and embellishments may need to be completely replaced. (Don’t worry, our warranties cover all décor during its first season.)

It may be true that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but with Christmas comes chaos. Dekra-Lite is here to make holiday decorating as smooth as possible. When our teams share partnership in maintaining your décor, together we ensure a seamless holiday experience for your customers, your coworkers, and your community.

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