Why Commercial Grade Christmas Décor Matters


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Why Commercial Grade Christmas Décor Matters

For those running a business and planning (or have already accomplished) a customer-wowing display of holiday décor, it may be tempting to just mosey on over to your local hardware store or big box center to pick up some Christmas decorations.

Big mistake!

While at first it seems perfectly reasonable to recruit a residential-style Rudolph and a suburban-grade light bulb symphony for your property, it will cost you big time in the long run. Simply put, commercial grade holiday décor is crucial for all business holiday programs. Why? Because a business has a larger scale property with more versatile needs, different electrical and weather concerns, and much more on-the-line, both in terms of financial investment and profit than someone who just wants to delight their local neighbors.

Besides the sheer size requirements businesses often need to truly wow, the lower prices that you see in the residential holiday industry are lower because they skimp on important quality materials. 

Commercial décor offers essential advantages and protections like UV coating and UV treatment for your graphic materials, which offers a professional glossy sheen that helps your brand to shine while resisting abrasions, scratches, rubbing and ink smudging from weather and wear-and-tear issues, essential for protecting your graphic investments long term.

Thicker electrical wires and shorter wiring conduct electricity more efficiently (a big bonus with commercial-size electrical usage) and protect the wires more effectively. Standard electrical ratings significantly reduce costly time and money mistakes (and dreaded blowouts). Sealed bulbs ensure your outdoor lighting remains protected from the weather gods–imagine having to replace a thousand broken washed-out bulbs on the eve of your big opening! Shatterproof décor pieces with exterior material (like vinyl) ensure your décor’s heavy use and investment are well protected.

In addition to the quality and durability of commercial-grade materials, all of Dekra-Lite’s products come with our support services, which means you can communicate with us about anything you need, day or night, from ensuring proper setup to troubleshoot fixes. Imagine the stress of trying to call the hardware store or direct customer service line every 10 minutes!

So again, while we are admittedly biased and cutting a few costs upfront with residential-grade materials may seem like a good idea, in the long run, you will be suffering both financially and with holiday stress!

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