During Christmas time, people use many different types of lights – this includes colors, whether they flash or not, string lighting, rope lights, net lighting, bulbs, etc. People also have the option to choose between CFLs, incandescent and LED bulbs. Do you know the difference? First and foremost, there is a difference in pricing, LED bulbs are far more expensive than typical incandescent bulbs/CFLs and was one of the first types of lighting created to replace these bulbs. As times are changing LEDs are becoming more common and will eventually fully replace incandescent lighting. Overall, LEDs use far less energy which in turn, saves money. Budgeting is important when you run a business or are planning on lighting your entire home, since you have to maintain a specific budget.

Various lights can be purchased along with Christmas decorations wholesale, which also will save tons of money! Conducting a quick search online will help you find the commercial Christmas decorations and commercial Christmas lights that you are looking for to create the most amazing displays. One thing to remember about LED Christmas lights is that they tend to be more directional, meaning that they are great if they are going to be stationary or pointing in one direction. They are very bright, but do not necessarily bring a vast amount of light to an entire room. Incandescent bulbs, along with CFLs radiate light more so they are ideal for larger areas that need to be lit up.

LED Lights

One great benefit to LED lights is that once they are turned off – they are cool to the touch much more quickly that other lighting. This may be an important factor to consider when hanging your holiday lights. Commercially, LEDs are not as widely available as incandescent and CFL lighting and you tend to have more options looking at the ‘old fashioned’ lighting that is available, although their expected lifespan is close to three times longer than any other type of lighting.

When it comes down to decorating and lighting, one may be on a budget but desires the nicest outcome. Displays do not have to be pricey, doing research prior to purchasing will help minimize superfluous spending while helping you achieve exactly what you are looking for. Before making any purchases, outline what exactly you are going to purchase and compare prices before making your final decision. This way, you will know firsthand what you are looking to spend and do not forget to check out your wholesale options!