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Bespoke and branded Christmas display

Larger-than-life décor in branded color palette 


Entertainment Venue

Home of the Golden State Warriors, Chase Center is an entertainment venue hosting events from basketball games to concerts and even farmers markets in its surrounding community, Thrive City. We had the pleasure of decorating Chase Center and Thrive City for the property’s first Christmas in 2019.

Setting the Scene

Chase Center opened September 6, 2019 and brought with it a shopping and lifestyle center for the Bay Area community. With its first-ever Christmas coming just months after the grand opening, Chase Center needed its holiday décor to live up to the hype.

The Ask

The Golden State Warriors’ home base is adorned in yellow and blue branding so its Christmas color scheme not only needed to complement the team colors, but enhance them. Chase Center wanted this program to really wow — a modest Christmas tree with matching garland just wasn’t going to fit the bill.

The Answer

Our team embellished Chase Center with a touch of magic everywhere guests turned! By pairing classic warm white lights with their cool white counterparts, we incorporated the property’s iconic branding into its décor. Complete with blue and gold props and ornamentation, oversized stars suspended from the ceiling, two giant trees, and various photo ops, this program dazzled with sophistication.

Chase Center’s larger-than-life displays were a hit! With so many Instagrammable moments, the property’s décor was featured across its guests' social media all season long.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

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