Unique Christmas Decorations Spotlight: Holiday American Collection

Unique Christmas decorations are not hard to come by and what is neat is that most of them can be made at home. There is no specific set standard when it comes to decorating – quite frankly, the more unique the better. This brings a certain type of appeal and flare, as well as, a stand out from the typical cookie cutter Christmas scene. There is no reason that your decorations have to be the same year after year, unless that is what you are going for but remember to have fun and do not worry. With the proper amount of lighting and decorative figurines, your Christmas scene will come together nicely. Some may even find that once the project has started, ideas will continue to pop up and help you out during the decorating process. Commercial Christmas Decorations Think about when you go to a place like a mall. Mall Christmas decorations are known to be extravagant as most commercial holiday decorations are. No matter how large or small, every place creates their own unique take on Christmas. With decorating, it allows people to let their imaginations run wild and it is always a nice treat to look at someone’s creation. [...]

Learn your Ornaments: 5 different types of ornament

Commercial Christmas decorations come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can range from very small to giant ornaments and can be made from materials such as ceramic, wood, glass, and/or metal; all of which are intended for decorative purposes. There is virtually no limit as to what shape an ornament can be, they can range from simple ball ornaments to tear drops, bells, winter wonderland scenes up to ornate artistic designs. Some may be shaped candy canes, angels and reindeer you could possibly find many giant ornaments in shapes of Santa Claus and elves. Types of Christmas Ornaments Ornament can also be broken down into sub categories which may be more meaningful, such as personal ornaments, homemade ornaments, family ornaments, and landmark ornaments; it all depends exactly on what you are looking for. Price ranges also vary upon how ornate an ornament is and what type of material it is made out of. Christmas decoration wholesellers generally offer a bulk amount of ornaments at a reasonable price. There may be specific traditions that are followed during the most festive time of year and this will sway ones decision on what they think their ideal tree will look like. The [...]

Commercial Christmas Decorations: Incandescent vs. LED light bulbs

During Christmas time, people use many different types of lights – this includes colors, whether they flash or not, string lighting, rope lights, net lighting, bulbs, etc. People also have the option to choose between CFLs, incandescent and LED bulbs. Do you know the difference? First and foremost, there is a difference in pricing, LED bulbs are far more expensive than typical incandescent bulbs/CFLs and was one of the first types of lighting created to replace these bulbs. As times are changing LEDs are becoming more common and will eventually fully replace incandescent lighting. Overall, LEDs use far less energy which in turn, saves money. Budgeting is important when you run a business or are planning on lighting your entire home, since you have to maintain a specific budget. Various lights can be purchased along with Christmas decorations wholesale, which also will save tons of money! Conducting a quick search online will help you find the commercial Christmas decorations and commercial Christmas lights that you are looking for to create the most amazing displays. One thing to remember about LED Christmas lights is that they tend to be more directional, meaning that they are great if they are going to be stationary [...]

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Commercial Christmas Decorations for Window Display

What would Christmas be without all of the decorations and lights? They add excitement and give everyone a little boost in Christmas spirit. When it comes to commercial window displays, they are many options as to how you can decorate. Commercial Christmas decorations are readily available online and there are also options for purchasing used commercial decorations as well. What is one of the first objects you think about when Christmas time comes? How about a Christmas tree? Giant Christmas Trees A giant Christmas tree is a great place to start when creating a window display. It draws in people’s attention and there are so many different ways that a tree can be decorated. There are many options like what color lights to choose, ornaments, garland, a tree topper – even down to what type of tree will be used. The rest of the display you may want to consider getting the dimensions and drawing yourself an outline or brainstorm about what you envision. A Christmas display does not necessarily have to be ostentatious; it can be simple and elegant or fun and colorful. Will it be geared towards a specific age group? You can still use this display as a marketing [...]

Closed for Independence Day!

Our offices will be closed on Friday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. There are only 175 days until Christmas and our busy elves will be back in the office ready to assist you on Monday, July 7th. If you haven’t already thought about the holiday season and your décor you might want to. The first step in any successful holiday program is calling Dekra-Lite. We specialize in a variety of services including large trees, lighting, custom décor, large program installations and graphics. View a variety of programs for different industries in our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you regarding the fast approaching 2014 holiday season. To read more about our custom creations, take a Behind the Scenes look at what we do in our Workshop. Until then, we hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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Angels Game Blog

On June 25th, The Minnesota Twins visited The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at The Big A during Christmas Hat Giveaway Night. The game fell on the six-month countdown to Christmas and what better way to celebrate! It makes sense that the Dekra-Lite Elves were there to help decorate the stadium for the record-breaking night! Christmas at the Angels Game Santa Hats were distributed to guests as they arrived for the game and fans were delighted to see garlands and wreaths hanging all through stadium as they found their seats. The plan to help celebrate Half Way to Christmas was to break the Guiness World Book of Records for most Santa Hats worn in one place. As the fans cheered and got to experience wreaths hung throughout the inner stadium and one in the famous outfield waterfall, attendance was announced at 35,671 which surely beat the previous record of 872. A Guiness World Record adjudicator made the record official after the fans wore their Santa Hats for five consecutive minutes in the fifth inning. For the Angels, Christmas came early and they beat the Twins 6-2. Dekra-Lite loves partnering with Organizations, Cities, Properties and Theme Parks to make Christmas come alive for [...]

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A World of Possibilities with Christmas Pole Decorations

Christmas light pole decorations add flair to your shopping center, amusement park or city street. Light pole decorations light up streets and parking lots, on long winter nights, setting the perfect holiday mood. Light pole decorations are a staple of commercial Christmas decorations and Dekra-Lite carries a wide assortment of designs for you to choose from. From traditional Americana styles to sleep and modern designs Dekra-Lite has cheerful Christmas designs that will perfectly fit the theme and mood of your Christmas decorations. If you’re looking for pole decorations with a traditional touch, wreaths are wonderful way to create a warm and cheerful space. For example: The Classic Triple Candle Wreath and the Classic Bow Wreath are sure-fire ways to spruce up any walkway or path. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, LED lit decorations such as the Holly Wave and the Dancing Starsdazzle with their sleek designs and modern take on the Christmas. Be sure to check out all of our spectacular pole mounts to find the one that best fits your property. Of course, to make sure that our commercial Christmas decorations for poles are affordable for all businesses, we offer commercial Christmas decorations in a wide range of price [...]

Commercial Christmas Tree

As winter edges closer and we begin to prepare for the coming Christmas season, it’s time to start thinking about how to create a sensation with this year’s festive Christmas decorations and lighting. A show-stopping center piece is essential for any property trying to engage visitors with Christmas spirit! You know you need a giant commercial Christmas tree, but which kind is right for your property? Read on and we’ll explore some thrilling commercial Christmas tree options that will delight your guests. If you have a property with a modern design, giant Christmas tree with a similar contemporary design would fit right in step with the theme. Take for instance, our signature Ribbon Tree. The sleek and clean lines of the Ribbon Tree are complimented by the subtle touch of shimmering tinsel garland adorning it – an excellent addition to any modern styled property. For those of you decorating with a more fanciful look you may want to try our Crystal Branch Tree. A glowing pure white tree made entirely from light makes for a stunning attraction to either a modern or traditional themed commercial Christmas décor. Now if you really want to be the talk of the town, you can’t go [...]

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Creative Christmas Decorations

Almost everyone remembers their childhood memories of decorating the Christmas tree every year, standing on our tippy toes to hang ornaments that glimmered like snowflakes. We’d take special care to arrange the ornaments perfectly on the outstretched branches, and when we were done we’d step back, our little hearts filled with pride as we gazed at the adorned tree. If you think about it, there are few things more inspiring memories than decorating your first Christmas tree. Commercial Christmas Decorations At Dekra-Lite we think decorating your commercial property should be just as fun. Commercial Christmas decorations are certainly not as delicate as the ornaments of your childhood, but they can be just as fun and inspiring. So when picking out commercial Christmas decorations, it’s important to find pieces that not only flow with your properties’ overall design but find pieces that evoke childhood memories of the season’s holiday fun. For instance, if you’re looking to decorate the outside of a large department store. While you want the decorations to look stylish, you also want something that visitors are familiar with and will get them in the holiday spirit. One excellent décor option would be to arrange large decorations with interesting color combinations. [...]

Seal Beach Community Tree

The Seal Beach community really pulled together this season to make a beautiful tree full of colorful sponsor tags and ornaments! Classic Ornament Clusters and a custom graphic giftbox base match perfectly to add height and personality. Warm white palm tree lighting and Falling Stars pole mounts make the area come alive for the holidays. Give us a call to talk about getting a Community Tree program going for your city next year!

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